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We are a reseller of used and new metal working machines based out of India. Since 1988, we have helped our customers in sourcing and procuring new and used metalworking machines from all around the world. We can help you transform your manufacturing operations with our expertise in sourcing capital equipment.

We deal in global reputed brands like TOS, WMW, Reishauer, Gleason, Pfauter, and more.

Our inventory includes:

  • Boring Machinery - TOS, WMW, HMT

  • Drilling Machinery - WMW

  • Grinding Machinery - WMW Mikrosa, Diskus, Thielenhaus, Jones & Shipman, Minakuchi

  • Gear Machinery - WMW, Hurth

  • Milling Machinery - WMW

  • Lathe Machinery - TOS

    and more...

Please reach out to us with your requirements.